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Map of Lemnos   Island, NE Aegean  Islands, Greece  
Lemnos Island, NE Aegean  Islands, Greece
 Lemnos Island, NE Aegean  Islands, Greece
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Lemnos Greece: a Greek Island refuge in the Aegean Sea!

Lemnos Island, NE Aegean  Islands, GreeceLemnos Greece is a wonderful holiday destination in the NE Aegean Islands, a region with deep blue seas and gorgeous beaches. Lemnos ( Limnos) has its own special charm, which separates it from other Greek islands in the surrounding area, as it is the perfect destination for all visitors: families, groups of friends and couples.

If you are looking for a vacation spot where you can avoid the maddening holiday crowds, Lemnos is the place for you. It has the advantage that it possesses a very good tourist infrastructure and at the same time retains its island quaintness and serenity.

On Lemnos Island, you will be greeted by its hospitable inhabitants, who always make visitors feel welcome. The island has so many superb attributes, including exquisite beaches, magnificent ancient sites, beautiful natural features and picturesque villages.

As far as accommodation is concerned, you needn't worry about finding your ideal Lemnos hotel. Some Lemnos hotels, studios, apartments and suites are located beside the beach and offer spectacular sea views. Other Lemnos hotel rooms for rent are situated in traditional villages and provide visitors a taste of genuine Lemnos Island life.

This year, book your holiday in Lemnos Greece and be prepared to experience the vacation of a lifetime.

Lemnos Hotels

Lemnos Island, NE Aegean  Islands, GreeceAre you planning your holiday in Lemnos Greece? Accommodation in Lemnos is abundant, so you will find a number of Lemnos hotels that meet your needs. Lemnos Island is the ideal holiday spot for families who prefer a well-organized island that offers a variety of facilities, as well as beaches that are safe for children. Couples will regard Lemnos Island as a small romantic getaway, while groups of friends can have fun at the popular beaches and the nightlife venues. Lemnos hotels offer a wide range of accommodations, from hotel rooms and suites for couples, to apartments and studios that accommodate families and large groups. There are also luxury hotels and resorts for the more demanding traveller on holiday in Lemnos Greece.

You can chose the most suitable accommodation from the Lemnos hotels, apartments, rooms, suites and studios provided throughout the island. Most Lemnos hotels are located in Myrina and the nearby holiday resorts, such as Plati beach. Many Lemnos hotels offer traditionally-styled rooms and a personal touch. Other Lemnos hotels prefer to provide guests with a contemporary-style accommodation. Whatever your preference, you will find the ideal hotel accommodation in Lemnos Greece.

To find the Lemnos hotel that suites your needs, we recommend booking in advance, particularly if you are vacationing in Lemnos during the high tourist season.

Plati BeachLemnos Beaches

The island of Lemnos Greece is a fantastic getaway for those who want to have fun on the sand and in the sea. There are a good selection of beautiful Lemnos beaches that have crystal-clear waters and soft sands.

In Myrina, you can swim at the lovely beach of the town, or at the nearby beaches of Romaiiko Gialo and Richa Nera. Both of these Lemnos beaches are well-organized, with sun beds, umbrellas, water sports facilities, beach bars and cafés. Richa Nera (which literally means shallow waters) is ideal for families with small children. Their close proximity to Myrina and excellent facilities make them two of the most popular Lemnos beaches.

Gomati BeachClose to the capital are a few exquisite Lemnos beaches. Avlonas Beach is a pristine stretch of sand with transparent water. The popular Platis Beach is a long sandy beach with powdery sand, water sports facilities, bars and tavernas.
A little further south of Plati Beach is the sandy Thanos Beach, one of the most attractive Lemnos beaches. It is surrounded by volcanic rocks and has turquoise waters. Another popular Lemnos beach is located several kilometres north of Myrina and is called Agios Ioannis Beach. There, visitors can spend endless hours swimming in clear waters and lying on soft sand that is lined with volcanic boulders. On the northern coast of Lemnos Island, you will come across the beach of Gomati. It is enclosed in a small bay and has sand dunes and glimmering waters.

Lemnos Nightlife - Lemnos Events

MyrinaAlthough Lemnos Greece is known for its serenity and low-key tourism, it offers a wide range of entertainment venues for all types of visitors. The majority of Lemnos nightlife, such as clubs, bars and cafés, is located in Myrina and the beachfront of Avlonas, but you will also find quaint cafés and bars in the other areas of the island. Most Lemnos beaches have lively beach bars that remain open till late evening.

If you want to try the delicious local cuisine of Lemnos, we suggest dining at the traditional tavernas and restaurants located throughout the island. Your meals should include one of the many scrumptious seafood dishes, tasty locally-produced cheeses and a glass or two of Lemnos wine, in red and white variety, both of which are celebrated for their fine aroma.

You may also want to experience the traditional entertainment of Lemnos Greece. Participating in the festivals in Lemnos is a wonderful way of understanding the local customs. Throughout August, cultural events take place in Myrina, the island's capital. On August 6, you can take part in the important festival of Sotira in Nea Koutali, while on August 15, the whole island celebrates the Virgin Mary, with 2-day festivals and feasts that take place in almost every village on Lemnos Island.

Lemnos Sites & Attractions

KaveirioLemnos Greece has some of the most ancient monuments in the NE Aegean region, since it was a major urban center during antiquity. The most significant archaeological site on Lemnos Island is the Prehistoric Settlement of Poliochni, which dates back to the 4 th millennium BC. Various cities are built in the area, one on top of the other in layers, making it a very interesting attraction.

The Ancient City of Hephaestia, founded in the Bronze Age, is another wonderful archaeological find on Lemnos Island. The city was named after Hephaestus, the Olympian god, who was banished from Olympus and literally thrown onto Lemnos Island. Some remains of the city, including a theatre and a temple, can be seen on this site. Kaveirio is the site of an ancient temple, which dates back to the 8 th century BC and was built by the Kaveiri cult. The Kaveiri were the children of Hephaestus and the Nymph Kaveirous, who worshipped as gods of fertility, the sea and the vineyard, and were very competent blacksmiths.

myrina - Venetian CastleIn Myrina, the capital of Lemnos Greece, we suggest spending a few hours touring the town, visiting the Venetian Castle ruins, which are perched on a rocky peninsula near the capital. Inside the castle, there are various structures. While touring Myrina, we also suggest paying a visit to the Agia Triada Cathedral, with its attractive bell towers, and the Archaeological Museum, where you can admire sculptures, idols, pottery, gravestones, jewelry, tools, coins, and other objects that were found in the archaeological digs on the island.

The Chortarolimni and Aliki, the two wetlands located in the eastern side of Lemnos Greece, are splendid refuges for a wide variety of rare and endangered birds. In Moudros, visitors will soon be able to stroll through the fossilized forest and see trees that are approximately 22 million years old.

Lemnos Weather - Lemnos Climate

AvlonasThe climate of Lemnos is warm, with lots of sunshine, especially during the summer. Lemnos weather is mild throughout the year, even during the winter months. Since Lemnos (Limnos) is an island, it is a good idea to bring a light jacket to use in the evening, because Lemnos weather can get rather chilly after the sun sets. Rain is a rare occurrence, meaning that the climate in Lemnos makes it a wonderful holiday destination all year round.

From January to March, temperatures range in the low teens. Lemnos weather in April and May is warmer and quite enjoyable, as temperatures range between the mid teens to the low 20s. Lemnos weather in the summer is ideal for lounging around on the beach, doing water sports and sunbathing. Summer temperatures in Lemnos are between the mid 20s and the low 30s. Autumn is also beautiful in Lemnos as the sun is still bright and temperatures are in the mid teens. November and December weather in Lemnos is not very cold, with temperatures in the low to mid teens.

Flights & Ferries to Lemnos

PlatiTo reach Lemnos Island, visitors can take a ferry boat from Piraeus Port and Rafina Port, both located in greater Athens, and Thessaloniki Port. Ferry boats to Lemnos are quite frequent, although they make stops at various islands in the Aegean before reaching Lemnos ( Limnos). We recommend reserving a seat in the ferry boat in advance, especially when travelling by ferry to Lemnos in the high summer tourist season. You may also want to book a cabin, as the ferry boat trip to Lemnos is fairly long. The rates for ferry tickets to Lemnos depend on the season.

There are direct flights to Lemnos Airport from Athens Airport and from Thessaloniki Airport. There are also frequent charter flights to Lemnos from the UK and other European countries. The rates of airplane tickets for flights to Lemnos on the time of booking and the season. If you book in advance, you will find cheap airfare to Lemnos ( Limnos) Airport. Otherwise, you can board an airplane to Athens Airport and from there book your flight to Lemnos Airport.
  We thank the Department of Civil Protection of the Province of Lemnos for the pictures of Lemnos Island.