Fokida Prefecture
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Delphi, Fokida Prefecture, Central GreeceIn the middle of the 19th century a secret kept for hundreds of years inside the secure embrace of two huge rocks, called the "Faidriades", was slowly revealed as the excavations unearthed the ancient city of Delphi.

At a height of 750 m, over the crystal waters of the Corinthian Gulf and the valley of Pleistos and beneath Mt. Parnassos, the center of the world, as it was considered in the ancient years, gave us an idea of its past glory.

The French School of Archaeology were faced with an incredible founding, remains of the ancient temple of Apollo and the surrounding buildings, known at the time as the oracle of the Delphi.

The site also included, the theater, the sacred spring Kastalia, the small buildings containing the treasures given from the city-states of Ancient Greece, the Gymnasium and the temple of Athena Pronaia.

Delphi was created by the ancient god Apollo, as a place where people could worship him, after killing dragon Python, who guarded the oracle of goddess Gaia. Apollo was called the god of catharsis, the one who could calm people and their wild dispositions. He placed priests to stay at Delphi and perform the ceremonies.