Evia Island
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Evia is a magnificent island as well as an amazing continental region at the same time. Occupying an extremely preferential geographical site, as it has easy access from various points of its coastline, it is considered to be an ideal destination for your vacations. Located at a close distance from the main ports of the country it is also regarded as the ideal resort for long-term holidays but even for a weekend.

Gifted with exceptional natural beauties, the island of Evia pulses with verdant forests, rivers and ravines, extended beaches and spa that are outspread all over the multiple superb settlements. There, the hospitable inhabitants with the unique mentality will be waiting to welcome you. Furthermore, the historical monuments and the archaeological findings integrate the enchanting profile of Evia.

Halkida, the capital as well as the administrative, cultural, commercial and industrial center of the island of Evia, is a town with interesting character and special beauty. The unique tidal phenomenon, the famous bridge, the sacred churches, the fortress Kanithos and the beautiful buildings compose its beauty. However, apart from Halkida, Evia pulses with innumerable other settlements that are ideal tourist resorts. The region of Aedipsos with the famous spa , the scenic and historical settlements of Karystos and Politika, the verdurous and traditional villages of Kymi and Styra, the natural sites of Eretria and Limni Evias, the much frequented Pefki and Orei, the picturesque villages of Agia Anna, Almyropotamos, Ano Vathia, Vassilika, Gouves, Gialtra, Lihada, Nea Styra, Rovies, Steni Dirfis, Stropones e.t.c shall definitely enchant you.

You can travel to the island of Evia from Rafina, Agia Marina, Arkitsa, Glyfa and Oropos by boat, while from Athens and Pireaus you can travel by bus or by train. During your stay at the island of Evia seize the opportunity to visit various regions of Central Greece and Thessalia, as well as the Sporades Islands cluster.