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GENERAL INFORMATION about Lesvos island

Lesvos Island, NE Aegean  Islands, Greece Multifarious natural beauties, interesting historical sightseeing, hospitable inhabitants and a wonderful climate are the main reasons why the island of Lesvos predominates among the other islands of the N.E. Aegean Islands cluster.

The historical and picturesque town of Mytilini, which is the capital of the island, is gifted with numerous incredible sites that shall definitely impress you. The castle, skirmished on the top of a piney hill, the ancient theater, the ruins of an ancient settlement and the ruins of the classic wall of the town are amazing. Moreover, the roman house, the carved on a rock square building, the ancient vivarium and the large cemetery are also worth seeing. Additionally, the various churches and monasteries, the metropolis and the church of Agios Therapondas, prevail in dignity. You should also visit the mansions and the neoclassical buildings, the traditional house of Marika Vlahou as well as the traditional house of Lesvos. Furthermore, the municipal library, the municipal picture gallery and the numerous museums, not to mention the statue of liberty and the cave of Agios Vartholomeos, are extremely interesting.

Lesvos Island, NE Aegean  Islands, GreeceAs you will be touring around this very promising island you will come across innumerable sightseeing dispersed at all the wonderful settlements of Lesvos. At Agia Paraskevi you will admire the ruins of the Aeolian buildings, the ruins of the sanctuary of Venus and the ruins of the ancient town Pyrra, as well as the municipal olive press, the cultural collection and the bridge of Kremasti. At Agiassos the relics of the Byzantine fortress, the cultural collection, the ecclesiastic museum and the interesting reading room are worth visiting. At Eressos, the prohellenic gate, the ancient town, the archaeological museum, the monastery of Pithari and the paleochristian basilicas are superb sites. At Kalloni, you will see the remains of ancient and Byzantine houses, the ruins of a sanctuary and a castle, the ancient graves and the relics of ancient Arisvi, which are wonderful. At Madamados, the ruins of the medieval castle and the Byzantine fortress, the renovated olive press and the monastery of Taxiarhis are unique. At Mithymna, the Byzantine castle, the ruins of the ancient town, the spa, the archaeological collection, the library and the picture gallery are also worth the visit. Furthermore, the painting of Theofilos at Pappados, the watermills at Petra, the age-long sycamore tree and the caves at Plomari, the relics of a tower at Polihnitos and the Turkish castle at Sigri are also interesting sightseeing.

Lesvos Island, NE Aegean  Islands, GreeceHowever, among the island of Lesvos, the most impressive sightseeing that conquers all is the famous petrified forest at the settlement Sigri. This site, one of the most rare natural monuments of the world, is regarded as a outdoor museum of nature, as it is a forest ecosystem that has been petrified 20-22 million years ago. During your stay on the island of Lesvos, it is compulsory to visit this incredible sightseeing.

Gifted with crystal clear waters and extended coasts, the island of Lesvos is considered to be the perfect resort for your vacations, for endless moments of swimming and sunbathing. Tsamakia, Kourtzis, Vigla, Kratigos, Panagiouda, Skala Pamfilon, are some of the beautiful beaches that are close to the capital. Moreover, the bays at Gavathas, Lapsarna, Kambos, Vatera, Agios Fokas, Pefkos, Pedi, Tsonia, Klio are also wonderful. The sandy coasts at Skala Eressou and Skala Kallonis, as well as the beaches at Mithymna and Efthalou, are definitely worth visiting. Furthermore, the sandy bay of Petra, the beaches Ammoudeli and Agios Issidoros at Plomari, and of course the coasts Faneromeni, Hassanaria, Paliokastro and the islet Nissiopi at Sigri, are truly stunning.

Lesvos Island, NE Aegean  Islands, GreeceIf you are in need of peaceful vacations far away from tourism, the settlement of Sigri is the ideal destination. Additionally, the traditional village Moria, the inspiring settlement Mithymna, the scenic village Madamados and the picturesque hamlet Agia Paraskevi are also serene resorts. On the other hand, if you seek for cosmic regions that throb with tourism for endless entertainment, then we recommend you to visit the commercial and cultural center of Mytilini, the organized resort Eressos, the administrative center Kalloni, the much frequented Pappados, the tourist center Petra and Plomari, the largest hamlet of the island.

You can travel to the island of Lesvos from the port of Piraeus as well as from the port of Rafina by ferry or high-speed boat, while from Athens you can also travel by airplane. From the island of Lesvos, by airplane, you will have the opportunity to visit Thessaloniki, Hios and Limnos. By ferry of high-speed boat you can visit Kavala, Alexandroupoli, the Dodecanese Island cluster, the N.E. Aegean islands, Thessaloniki and Turkey.