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INFORMATION about Thessaloniki prefecture

Thessaloniki Prefecture, Macedonia, GreeceHeading towards the historical geographical district of Macedonia, among the numerous interesting prefectures, the one of Thessaloniki prevails, due to its multilateral profile that shall definitely enchant you.

The town of Thessaloniki, which is the capital of the homonymous prefecture, is a place where modern lifestyle, historical sightseeing and natural sites coexist, rendering your visit an exciting experience.

The white tower Lefkos Pyrgos, which is situated on the main coastal road of Thermaikos and is the trademark of the town, was built in 1430 and was used as a jail, while now it serves as a magnificent history and art museum that you should definitely visit.

From the top spur of the tower, which has the ground and 5 more floors, the view is unique.The triumphal arch and the palace of Valerios Galerios Maximianos, which were built in 298 A.C. as well as Rotonda, a round construction, part of the aforementioned complex, which used to be a sanctuary and then was converted into a Christian church and a mosque, are truly exquisite. The amazing church of Agios Dimitrios, who is the patron saint of the town, as well as the numerous churches that are dispersed all over town, not to mention the extremely interesting multifarious museums, cultural centers and picture galleries of the town, are definitely worth a visit.

The forum, which was the public center during the Roman Empire, is a magnificent place where the crypt (a gallery), the square, the conservatory and the spa were excavated. The archaeological site at 3is Septemvriou Street were a sanctuary and paleochristian graves were found, the Byzantine spa near the square Koule Kafe, the mosque, the hamam, which is the Muslims spa and the bezesten, which is a rectangular building that used to be a textile market, are only few of the interesting sightseeing that you should not miss. Moreover, do not forget to visit the historical quarters Ladadika, which is situated close to the port and was converted into an entertainment centers complex, famous for its intense nightlife and of course the renowned Aristotelous square.

Thessaloniki Prefecture, Macedonia, GreeceTouring around the prefecture of Thessaloniki you will come across various magnificent settlements where you will also be able to admire superb sightseeing. At the distant resort Epanomi, which was inhabited from the prehistorical era, a settlement that is dated in the neolithic era as well as posterior settlements were found. Furthermore, you will also find the sanctuary of Agios Georgios and the monastery dependency of Kritsiani. Additionally, at the settlement Lagadas, which is famous for the custom Anastenaria (walking on burning coal), you will admire the monasteries of Agia Triada and Agios Gavras, the natural site Nymphopetra where rocks resemble people following a wedding pomp, the spa and the homonymous lake, which are truly impressive.

During your visit at the prefecture of Thessaloniki seize the chance to get acquainted with the numerous beautiful settlements of the prefecture. If you are interested in cosmopolitan regions you can visit Agia Triada, which is an organized tourist resort, one of the best of the prefecture. In addition, the much-frequented settlement of Asprovalta at the center of the Strymonikos Gulf, a region full of verdure, is an ideal destination. Perea, a tourist settlement with an extended beach, Nea Vrasna, a new cosmic settlement, and of course Panorama, a natural site with amazing view, the region where the famous Greeks have their villas, are the places to be. On the other hand, if you seek for peaceful holidays, you should visit Volvi, a traditional settlement of unique beauty and with amazing biota, Vrasna, a verdant traditional village, or Stavros, a coastal village of interesting tradition, full of sycamore trees and running waters, offering incredible view.

As far as your entertainment is concerned, the town of Thessaloniki is the perfect choice, as it is the place where you will find everything that you will need, while the various cosmopolitan regions of the prefecture are also organized. All these are the places where you will find cafeterias, clubs, bars, taverns, restaurants, fast foods, patisseries, casinos, athletic installations and everything you need for your enjoyment.

As soon as you shall feel the urge for a swim, visit the beautiful organized beach at Agia Triada, the infinite sandy bay of Asprovalta or the extended sandy beach of Vrasna. Furthermore, the beaches at the region Epanomi, the sandy bays at the region Nea Mihaniona, the beach at Nei epivates, the coast of Perea and the exquisite sandy beaches at the region Stavros, are also stunning.

If you are interested in visiting the prefecture of Thessaloniki, you can travel from Athens by airplane and by bus, from Piraeus by boat and from Athens and Piraeus by train. From Thessaloniki you can also visit by airplane the Dodecanese Islands, the Ionian Islands, Epirus, Crete, N.E. Aegean Islands and Cyclades. By bus you can visit Attica, the Ionian Islands, Evia, Crete, Epirus, Thessalia, Thraki, Peloponnese and Macedonia. By train you can visit Thraki, Macedonia, Thessalia, Central Greece and Attica. By boat you can visit the N.E. Aegean Islands, the Dodecanese Islands, the Sporades Islands and the Cyclades Islands.