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Climate & Temperature in Athens, Attica, Greece

Here is some useful information concerning Athens City Weather which is usually pleasant but can be scorching hot during summer months. If you are planning on coming to Athens Greece during the summertime to tour the sights, we recommend a large sunhat, some sun block and a bottle of water to quench your thirst under the hot rays of the sun. Spring and autumn in Athens are wonderful, as the weather is sunny and bright and heat is enjoyable. It is the ideal time of year for those who want to tour the sights when they are less crowded.

From January to March, average temperatures in Athens range from 10C to 13C. In April and May, the temperatures rise and range between 16C and 20C. As summer comes round, the temperatures rise significantly, starting from the mid 20s to the low to mid 30s, sometimes even reaching the high 30s. The months of September and October are still quite warm, from the high teens to the mid 20s, while in November and December temperatures begin to drop and range from low to mid teens.


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