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About United-Hellas.com

Greece Travel & Business Directory in Greece

We are celebrating 15 dynamic years in the Internet! This makes us especially happy and proud, because in the past years we have succeeded in laying the foundations for the building of many significant collaborations. We have achieved this by our dedication to professionalism, as well as our passion for accurate information and promotion of important Greek businesses.

Greece is a constantly evolving country, with a great deal of possibility and potential. The United-Hellas.com Greece travel and business directory aims to inform you of the latest developments.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive information about Greece and high-quality Greek businesses, creating a channel of communication with businesses from other countries, thus facilitating collaboration and broadening activities, from which both sides will benefit.

Another of our objectives is to provide detailed and reliable information about tourist areas in Greece, presenting reputable travel businesses in each area, enabling users to book their vacations at any time, from anywhere in the world.

While navigating in United-Hellas.com travel and business directory, you will find Greek travel businesses (i.e. hotels and travel agencies), as well as businesses from the fields of commerce, industry and services.

Choose the category you are interested in from the main menu on the left side of this page for a list of related companies / businesses and click on the one that interests you to view detailed information or to contact it.

Thank you for the trust and confidence you place in us.

We wish you... happy navigating!
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