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Information about Lefkada Island

Located in the Ionian Sea, the island of Lefkada is a mountainous land with extended coasts, verdant hills, impressive countryside and hospitable locals that make it an ideal resort for vacations in Greece.

One unique characteristic of Lefkada (Lefkas) Town, the capital of the island, is the artificial canal that separates it from the mainland and the two bridges that connect it, providing easy access to and from this popular resort. In this beautiful town you will find some of the most important sightseeing on the island, such as the ruins of the ancient town of Lefkada, the impressive castle next to the artificial canal and the famous park of Bosketo, which includes a collection of busts of renowned poets and other artists of Lefkada. In addition, we suggest you pay a visit to the lovely churches and monasteries, the old houses and villas, the archaeological and cultural museums, the municipal and the Haramoglios libraries, the museum of the phonographs located in Lefkada (Lefkas) Town.

While touring around the island of Lefkada, you will also come across some interesting sightseeing scattered around the many settlements and villages. The most impressive sites are the overwhelming natural beauty of the Porto Katsiki region and of Athani village, the valley Kilada tou Erota (the Valley of Love) in Lygia, the amazing waterfalls, the prehistoric settlement with the ancient water ducts and graves in Nydri. A visit to the beautiful isle of Madouri with its neoclassical mansion of the poet Valaoritis, the medieval tower in the Pyrgi region, the caves Demonas and Papanikolis on the isle of Meganissi, the churches and monasteries and the cultural museum of Maria Koutsohero in Karya, are a must during your stay on Lefkada Island.

Explore the charming settlements of Lefkada and experience its hospitality and diversity. If you are looking for cosmopolitan nightlife, pay a visit to Nydri, the most popular tourist resort on the island, located along the beach, in the heart of a verdant plain. The numerous isles such as Prigiponissa, Madouri, Heloni, Skorpios, Sparti, Skorpidi as well as the leeward bay of Vlyho and the verdant cape of Agia Kyriaki, that are situated opposite Nydri, create unique scenery.

You should also visit Vassiliki, a lively and scenic village on the southern side of the island, Agios Nikitas, a traditional “preserved” settlement with olive groves, Nikiana, a developing coastal village and of course Syvota, a small settlement with an anchorage, built on a fjord, which is ideal if you have a boat.

Lefkada Town is the most frequented area of the island and is full of taverns, restaurants, cafeterias, bars, clubs and other entertainment venues, as well as hotels, hotel apartments, studios, rooms to let and villas. On the other hand, if you prefer quieter holidays away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist resorts, you should visit Athani, a mountainous village with traditional houses and villas, which is famous for its production of honey, or Vlyho, a small coastal village built on a sheltered bay. Karya, a peaceful mountain village with traditional architecture, where people still wear traditional clothes and practise time-old customs and is famous for its renowned karssanika weavings.

Lefkada Island possesses some of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches in Greece. We advise you to visit Gyra Beach, opposite the castle at the town of Lefkada and the amazing beaches around the settlement of Nydri. The long, sandy beaches of Agios Nikitas, Pefkoulia and Kathisma are also extremely beautiful. Vassiliki Beach is a favourite of windsurfing aficionados, from which you can hire a tour boat to go to the sandy beaches of Agiofylli and Alektori. Other stunning beaches are Egremnous Bay Beach, Porto Katsiki Beach with clear azure waters, sandy Dessimi Beach and the beaches of Lygia, Poros and Nikiana. Lastly, there are many pristine beaches on the isles surrounding Lefkada.

To reach Lefkada Island, you can travel by airplane that departs from the Athens International Airport to Preveza Airport, from where intercity buses leave for the island. From the Athens Intercity Bus Depot (KTEL), you can also travel by bus directly to Lefkada. From the island of Lefkada you can also visit Agrinio, Kefalonia, Ithaca, Skorpios, Sparti and the surrounding isles.

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