Four Seasons in Greece
Four Seasons in Greece

Greece, this immaculate piece of land that has been blessed with nature's utmost beauties, is also gifted with a marvelous winter that shall amaze you. The season of winter abides approximately three months and completely transforms the appearance of the whole natural landscape of the country. During the winter season, the multifarious intense weather phenomenon, the low temperature levels as well as the seasonal climate affect the natural environment, creating at the same time an atmosphere of melancholy.

The first month of the winter season is December, during which the average temperature is 15°C, and December is the month that the first severe weather phenomenon start to approach the Greek land. The ensuing months of January and February, along with the month of December, are considered to be the coldest months of the year, as the temperature falls down to an average of 10°C, especially on February. During the windy season of winter, heavy rainfalls of short duration in combination with hail and even snow are the main features of the weather.

In the heart of the winter season, the appearance of the polymorphic figure of the landscape of Greece is subjected to an evident change. Especially at the continental regions of Greece, during the winter season, the innumerable imposing mountains become entirely whitewashed due to the constant snowfalls, while sometimes the rivers and the lakes freeze, resembling crystal mirrors. At insular Greece, the various winds play hide and seek, while the turbulent sea and the waves that break at the seashore create a magnificent scene.

During the season of winter, the deep blue sky, the huddling gray clouds, the severe weather phenomenon and the stimulating cold, which cover the whole latitude of the Greek landscape, sometimes make it impossible for you to travel, or even leave your house. This is the ideal opportunity for you to relish cocooning, huddle around the fireplace, or seat comfortably in front of your window and gaze at this miraculous view that the environmental phenomenon creates during winter time. A sweet feeling of melancholy shall definitely wander in the air.

However, the season of winter in Greece, despite the fact that it is sometimes severe, especially at the mountainous and skirmished regions, generally, is considered to be a green winter that it does not destroy but on the contrary it embellishes even more the already appealing landscape. The surpassing beauty of the hibernal Greek scenery, especially at the continental Greece that pulses with snowy mountain ranges and whitewashed abrupt slopes, is the main allurement for those who enjoy mountain hiking, mountain skiing and other sports. At several Greek regions, there are organized ski centers and hiking clubs that shall allow you to take advantage of the natural charisma of Greece.

During the season of winter, there are several regions interspersed all over the Greek land, which are the ideal resorts for winter vacations.
  • The famous village of Arachova at the prefecture of Fokida, which is gifted with the imposing mountain of Parnassos and a magnificent ski center as well as
  • the beautiful hamlet of Kalavryta, which also has a ski center nearby, at the prefecture of Ahaia and
  • the superb town of Karpenissi, with the ski center of Timfristos, at the prefecture of Evrytania.
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    Winter in Greece

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