Four Seasons in Greece
Four Seasons in Greece

All over the gifted Greek landscape, the superb miracle of nature dominates in dignity conquering all. The innumerable beauties that nature has bequeathed to Greece embellish the attractive country in a unique manner, composing an unparalleled icon of excellence. Especially during spring, the beauty of the natural landscape is rising even more to prominence, becoming insurmountable. The bland climate, the perfect temperatures, the ideal weather conditions, and above all, the regeneration of nature, which lasts three months approximately, are the main characteristics of this season.

The three beautiful months that constitute the season of spring are March, April and May and are considered to be the most revitalizing months of the whole year. During March, which is the transition link with winter, the temperature fluctuates below 20°C. An average temperature of 21°C basically characterizes the season of spring, while the seasonal climate is absolutely magnificent and only rare spring rainfalls and chilly nights shall remind you that winter was recently over.

The season of spring is the most popular season of the year due to the fact that the temperatures, the climate and the seasonal phenomenon are at the ultimate equilibrium offering unique weather conditions. Apart from the weather aspect, another feature that is considered to be the utmost virtue of the spring season is the fact that during these months the profound resurgence of nature takes place. During spring, the par excellence invigorating season, nature flourishes, creating an unmatched scene.

The refreshing season of spring adorns the fertile landscape of the country of Greece with a synthesis of natural beauties that shall take your breath away. The lush vegetation of the green forests and the verdant slopes of the brown-reddish mountains, the prosperous plains and the bloomed uplands, the flowered gardens and the flourished parks, shall be composing an amalgam of multiple colors and breathing the intoxicating essences of the efflorescent landscape, as the highlights of the golden sun shall be bedazzling your eyes.

Unquestionably, during the spring season, the enchanting landscape of the whole country of Greece is embellished in a unique manner, as the Greek land seems to have been covered with a multicolored veil and a refreshing essence. However, spring is not an invigorating season only for nature but even for us. As you shall become an eyewitness of the revival of nature taking place, you shall immediately feel an inner revulsion that shall definitely obsess you. Wandering around the appealing country of Greece, you shall find numerous regions of absolute natural beauty interspersed all over the divine land... ideal resorts for spring vacations.
  • The superb village of Dimitsana at the prefecture of Arcadia,
  • the traditional village of Zaharo at the prefecture of Elia,
  • the unmatched Elafonissos and the incredible Monemvassia at the prefecture of Laconia,
  • the traditional settlement of Kardamyli, the coastal hamlet of Pylos and the fishing village Finikoudas at Messinia,
    are all amazing in spring.
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    Spring in Greece
    Spring in Greece
    Spring in Greece

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