Four Seasons in Greece
Four Seasons in Greece

At the magnificent country of Greece, the season of autumn endures approximately three months, emitting a sense of romanticism all through the fresh air. During autumn, the immortal natural beauty of the exceptional Greek landscape, in combination with an outstanding climate and a multilateral weather, compose a peculiar atmosphere and an unparalleled icon of sheer attraction that shall definitely introduce you to the ideal of romance and of course shall conquer you all.

September, the first month of this season, is the transitional period from summer to autumn and an average temperature of 30°C and a lucid sun mainly characterizes this month. During the middle of October, the second month of autumn, the temperature fluctuates around 24°C and as the first rains that have a red and yellow shade, sporadically begin to fall, we start to dress more warmly. In November, the temperature falls down to less than 20°C and as the rainfalls become more frequent, the use of the umbrella is obligatory.

During the magical season of autumn, apart from the ordinary weather phenomenon that we witness, another unequalled change also takes place, creating a completely different icon, as the natural scenery of the incomparable landscape starts to mutate step by step. The first snowflakes start to fall on the highest crowns, painting white the tops of the mountains, the leaves of the trees have a brown-reddish shade, the gray clouds begin to huddle in the sky and the whole natural landscape is lightened by yellow, orange and golden highlights and refreshed by the revitalizing rainfalls.

The enchanting season of autumn embellishes the surpassing natural scenery with an amalgam of multiple colors and several elements, such as rain and wind, while sometimes the lucid sun mixes with the moody tints of the grayish clouds. This constantly alternating image of the marvelous landscape shall definitely bring out the romantic side of your personality and as you shall be wandering in the heart of a natural site, a handful of sweet thoughts and pleasant feelings shall warm your heart.

It is an indisputable fact that all over the country of Greece, the incredible natural beauty of the landscape is astonishing, in a different manner, during all the seasons of the year, but several specific regions exceed the borders of the meaning of the term beauty, during the season of autumn. Especially the regions of the Greek land that pulse with lush verdure, rivers, lakes and mountains, due to the fact that the transformation is more vivid, such as continental Greece, are the ideal resorts that you should visit during the season of autumn in order to admire the miracle of nature.

During the season of autumn, the ideal resorts, among others, that you can visit, in order to admire the ultimate natural beauty of this season, are several prefectures of the district of Macedonia, such as
  • the fantastic prefecture of Kastoria,
  • the natural settlement of Prespes at Florina,
  • the verdurous prefecture of Katerini,
  • the whole amazing prefecture of Halkidiki and
  • the wonderful town of Kavala.

    Moreover, at the district of Thessalia,
  • the scenic site of Tembi,
  • the magnificent Pelio,
  • the traditional Zagora,
  • the skirmished Makrinitsa, Milies and Portaria, while at
  • the district of Ioannina, the unmatched Zagorohoria and the superb Papigo.
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    Autumn in GreeceAutumn in Greece
    Autumn in Greece

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    Photo of Pelio provided by Portaria Municipality.

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