Four Seasons in Greece
Four Seasons in Greece

The miraculous country of Greece is considered to be an authentic summer paradise, an amalgam of marvelous tourist resorts that shall incarnate the summer holidays that you have always been dreaming about. During the season of summer, Greece becomes the ultimate summer resort due to the fact that the Greek land pulses with infinites coasts that in combination with the brilliant Greek sun compose a synthesis of excellence that shall definitely bewitch you. The extraordinary season of summer lasts approximately three months and a sense of insouciance is in the air.

The season of summer comprises of the wonderful months of June, July and August, which are considered to be the hottest months of the year. During the seasonal period of summer in Greece, the average temperature is about 25°C in June, 28°C in July and 31°C in August, not to mention that sometimes heat waves are also a part of the summer season. During summer, the sky is completely clear and the sun burns at noon, while at night the temperatures slightly fall.

The immaculate country of Greece, gifted with numerous bedazzling island clusters that are outspread in the heart of revitalizing oceans, as well as several extraordinary coastal regions interspersed among the magnificent continental Greece, is fairly considered to be a popular summer resort of unequaled attraction. The insurmountable beauty of the country of Greece, during the summer season is even glamorous, as the lucid rays of the blazing Greek sun highlight in a unique manner the already stunning scenery.

Much frequented islands and secluded islets, cosmopolitan capitals and scenic ports, modern towns and traditional villages, coastal hamlets and skirmished settlements, all adorned by extended sandy coasts and pebble beaches, rugged voes and leeward anchorages, verdurous spots and untrodden landscapes, picturesque features and archaeological sites, are the irresistible tourist allurements that attract innumerable visitors from Greece and from all over the world.

The enchanting country of Greece is an alluring resort all through the year, due to the multifarious morphology of the landscape and the sheer natural beauty of its figure that presents a non identical but equal attractive profile, through every season. However, during the summer season, Greece is considered to be even more appealing. The islands of insular Greece, in combination with the offshore regions of continental Greece, which are licked by azure waters, under the light of the lucid Greek sun are a summer Eden.

During the season of summer, there are several regions interspersed all over the Greek land as well as numerous island clusters, which are the ideal resorts for summer vacations.
  • The outstanding cosmopolitan islands of Santorini, Mykonos and Paros, and the marvelous less frequented islands of Milos and Serifos, at the Cyclades Islands cluster as well as
  • the popular islands of Rhodes, Kos and Kalymnos of the Dodecanese Islands cluster and
  • the island of Crete, shall definitely bedazzle you.

  • the unequaled famous islands of Corfu, Kefalonia and Zakynthos at the Ionian Islands cluster as well as
  • the magnificent and secluded Skiathos and Skopelos of the Sporades Islands cluster are some of the trademarks of insular Greece.
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    Summer in Greece

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