Skiathos Island
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GENERAL INFORMATION about Skiathos island

Skiathos Island, Sporades Islands, GreeceAs you will be entering the port of Skiathos, the characteristic piney peninsula with the ruins of the Venetian fortress and the neoclassical buildings of the old school shall welcome you.

Outspread from the traditional port all the way to the flamboyant hills, the town of Skiathos, in spite of the vast development during the last years, maintains its non-identical picturesqueness intact. The imposing castle, the old shipyard, the important lake - hydro biotope, the several churches and the monasteries, the historical monuments, integrate the beautiful profile of the town of Skiathos.

This beautifulness is dispersed all over the island of Skiathos, which pulses with innumerable amazing settlements that are considered to be ideal resorts for you to visit during your holidays. The village of Kanapitsa, which is located at a close distance from the town of Skiathos, is a verdurous settlement gifted with magnificent beaches that shall definitely impress you.

Furthermore, the beautiful village of Koukounaries is the renowned settlement where the pines and the firs that are planted along the beach mix with the sea. Finally, the beaches of Vassilias, Ahladies, Vromolimnos, Kolios, Troulos, Maratha, Agia Eleni, Agia Paraskevi, Krassas, Nikotsara, Lalaria, Megas Gialos as well as the islet Megali Tsougria worth a visit.

You can go to the island of Skiathos from Agios Konstantinos, Volos and Kimi by boat, while from Athens and Thessaloniki you can go by airplane. During your stay at the island of Skiathos seize the chance to visit Skopelos, Skyros and Alonissos, which are the other islands of the exquisite Sporades Islands cluster.