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Prefecture of Chania (Hania)
Prefecture of Chania (Hania), Crete Island, GreeceThe prefecture of Chania (Hania) is one of the four prefectures of Crete and it covers the west part of the island. It has an area of 2,376 sq. km. and approximately 134,000 residents. It is mainly a mountainous region but it is also characterized by velvet beaches, particularly on its south part, where it meets the Libyan Sea. The prefecture of Chania constitutes a special place, which offers amazing natural beauties and also various comforts, without spoiling its physiognomy.

The capital of the prefecture is the romantic, hospitable and very beautiful town of Chania. It is a town built on the sea, which combines in a particularly picturesque way old with modern architecture. In the town of Chania you can visit the archaeological and naval museums, the old town, the folklore museum, the national garden etc.

During your touring of the prefecture of Chania, we suggest that you visit Akrotiri, which is only 15 km from the town of Chania. From there you can enjoy a spectacular sunset as well as a panoramic view of the town of Chania. Other interesting spots in the prefecture are the ancient town Aptera and the traditional villages Vamos, Gavalohori and Kefala. Also, don't forget to visit Paleohora, a place that will offer you many historic information as well as a wonderful tour through green landscapes and picturesque little villages.

Samaria gorge, Prefecture of Chania (Hania), Crete Island, GreeceIn this beautiful place you will have the opportunity to enjoy the longest and most impressive gorge in Europe, the famous Samaria gorge. It is 18 km long and its passing is possible only during the summer months. The Samaria gorge is a wonderful route, where you have the chance to be in the heart of nature and to admire the wild vegetation, beautiful settlements and wonderful churches. In Frangocastello stands a venetian castle, while in Sfakia you can learn about the glorious local traditions. Lissos is famous for its therapeutic mineral water spa and Souyia for its long history. Finally, Platanias, Agia Marina, Kasteli Kissamou and others are particularly developed in tourism and amazingly beautiful regions.

For all of those who adore sports there are various clubs you can visit during your stay:

Mountaineering Club: Tel. +30 (28210) 44647
Biking Club: Tel. +30 (28210) 59594
Nautical Club: Tel. +30 (28210) 91235
Flying Club: Tel. +30 (28210) 59592
Tennis Club: Tel. +30 (28210) 24010
Shooting ground of Chania: Tel. +30 (28210) 64485

Those who visit Chania are enchanted by this place and leave taking with them wonderful memories. But they also know that they will return again the next summer.